hey guys, just a bit of help needed.

i recently bought a Rode NT1- A mic and a Behringer Ultragain Mic200. I took them out of the box when they were delivered and i found that the mains plug needed to power the preamp, which in turn powers the microphone, was a European plug, with the two pins. The only problem is that I'm in England and we have no converters in the house, or any that can convert European to UK.

What can I do to power it?

Thanking you in Advance,

yea and I would swap out that preamp (Ultragain Mic200) for an audio interface. You will get MUCH better recordings doing this.

PreSonus has the Inspire which seems to be one of few lower priced interfaces with on board phantom power. They for for $150-200 USD new so if you can find one around your area for a good price I would go for it. The toneoprt UX2 also has on board power and powers directly from the USB port on your desktop or laptop however the PreSonus has a much better sound.

Or you can get an adapter...
well, i've managed to get hold of an adapter from my neighbour, and i'll think about upgrading my preamp, when i've done as much as i can with it.
thanks for the help guys