ok im deciding between the xiphos the rgt42dx and the 1570 prestige all ibanez. i just want to know wats the best out of these three. and if i get the rgt42dx or the xiphos il change the trem to an OFR. but yeh help me out. everything on the 1570 is good just dnt know about the basswood body.
I'd get the 1570.
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Well Basswood is to my understanding a middle groudn of tone woods.

But my best advice for your current situation is to just play them if you can. Its about the feel, and while they may have the same neck (I don't know Ibanez too well) the bodies will differ and sound different.

If you plan on switching the bridge anyways, doesn't matter which one they come with does it?

And pickups can always be swapped. The body and the feel and the construction are the most important.

Cheers, enjoy your new guitar.
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Go with the 1570, i have been an ibanez player for a long time, i can tell you the RGT42 is ok but the pickups suck, the Xiphos is more about looks than tone and it sounds pretty crappy. but the 1570 is awesome.