Well the first is "Grattis på födelsedagen - solen den typ kommer upp man" as i dont know know what to name it

The second is called "Nånstans där solen inte skiner" and is also very beautiful but not yet fully complete.

Crit 4 Crit guys
Simple, but very very melodic.

I thought the solo was really nice, and I really liked the way you varied it with the palm muted stuff.

However, I really can't say I like the way you've mixed it, at least in RSE. There's just so much reverb and chorus and who knows what else that it just sounds fuzzy and like I'm listening to it underwater or something. You've got to use stuff like that sparingly and when you've got 3 instruments all drenched in fx it really kind of overkill.

Also, for next time when you're writing it, use the "let ring" option instead of ties, it'll save you some time and it'll make the tab itself much easier to read.