...WOW I thought this site was about helping your guitar brethren. Not just being an asshole to try to get attention.
would you rather chug a glass of diareaha (sp?) of a gallon jug of semen?
^I S*** you not compadre!

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You Sir, Are Made Of Win.

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Wow TS, this is a seriously great, original idea.

Anyway, I'm off, for some reason I have the strongest urge to listen to The Ramones.
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It was a serious question.

Gah, why's everyone getting so pissed off?

Don't worry. I'm not mad at you.
I plays guitars.
See thats a legitimate question right there. If you dont like what the thread is about, then dont post on it, and hopefully it will just go away. Thanks to you Vagabond this thread has gotten way more posts than it should have. Would you rather Shut the **** up and let this post die, OR go kill yourself because youve got nothing better to do?