greetings all, i rarely post in here (maybe i should more often) i just finished up with a symphony last night called "the dichotomy of loss" please feel free to listen to it (i used some high quality samples, so it sounds pretty realistic). i think i've added 5 or 6 songs to my profile since i last posted in here eons ago. anyways, check out my tunes and feel free to leave your crit. i can handle constructive negative crit so if you wanna say "this sucks" at least tell me why you think it sucks other than "its not metal"

btw, nothing i've done is guitarpro quality its all real recordings with real instruments or higher quality synth hope ya'll enjoy.
It's not metal?

*Goes and listens*
Only listened to Dichotomy so far, but I like what I'm hearing. I'll edit this with a full write-up this afternoon.