I've had a 1998 '72 Tele Thinline body sitting around for some time now that needs to be built into a guitar. I'm currently building a neck that could fit on that or it could fit on one of my 51's... (the black and gold one that currently has a plain maple reverse Strat neck) The '51 was the original plan, as it has a Tele neck pocket.

The neck I'm building is made from 5A Eastern Flame Maple. The figure is tight and very defined. I ran into a knot, so I'm thinking I will stain it black and sand it back a little bit. The black stain will make the figure really pop from under a clear coat finish, as well as blending the knot in on the back.

After I got to making the neck, I started considering putting it on my Thinline body instead of the '51 Strat body. My headstock design is a bit too much for a regular Tele, but what if I did something wild with the pickguard shape to compensate?

Here's the headstock I'm making. It's my standard shape.

Here's a design I drew with a Dry-Erase marker.

And here's a full mockup I did with Kiskae and MS Paint.

What do you think of the pickguard design? Does it go with the neck design? Should I scrap this idea and just put the neck on my black '51? (it's neck has a good place to go on another Squier)

I also have a proper Tele neck to put on this body, but I don't care for the profile shape too much.
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I really like that pickguard design, looks different and really cool (Y)
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What if you moved the "horn" in the top of the pickguard to the horned side of the body?
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the control side of the guard looks great, cant say im in love with the horn, i think it clashes with the upper bout of the body too much for my tastes, but i like that you are going with an original design as always instead of sticking to the norm.
Original Design has the horn on the lower bout:

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i dunno. i'd like that shape better on an sg-type of body. the lines just dont seem to work on a tele-style body. it's the points... maybe something smoother would work better.
i think it looks very cool, but there's just something about that fender with the white pearl PG 2 posts up
Here's a version somebody made for me - softening the points.

How about that one?
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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I think it looks really cool. It's like you have the dark pickguard laying diagonally across the guitar and the natural finish laying the other way, like it's crossed. Awesome design.
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i like that a bit better, but in the end this is going on your guitar, not ours, do what you think looks best. for all we know you could put that original design you have on there and when we see it outside of mspaint it could look killer.
I think the pickgaurd looks awesome, except as stated above, the top horn thing of the pickgaurd should go on the cutout at the bottom
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I say you do what you want to do and don't bother listening to what other people think. It's your custom guitar anyway...

Edit: I think it looks pretty freaking sweet btw
Thanks for the opinions, guys. In the end, I will do whatever I think best... but ideas like the last pic I post come from people like you who have positive criticism to give. Go with what you like, but don't be afraid to open your mind to other people's ideas.

The last design is a collaboration of my original design with some touchups done by someone else. It kept the spirit while making it look more Tele-like. I think I'll go with it.
All my photobucket pics are dead so no links to my guitar build threads.
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