I just purchased a new amp for my main rig so I am selling some of my backup gear.

Mint condition PODXT. I purchased it new & used it a few times hooked to my PC. It really was not my thing so it went back in the box. Only 2-3 hours of use. Comes with box, manual, USB cable (everything thatr was in the box when new). $200 + Ship.

ADA T100S Rackmount Tube Power Amp. Dual 50 watt tube amps in a single 2 space chassis. 4x EL34. Built like a tank & weighs a ton. Knobs are scratchy, but I keep them cranked & adjust volume with the preamp. You can also get replacement knobs at adadepot.com. $350 + Ship.

Avatar 2x12 Vertical Guitar Cabinet. Loaded with Eminence Legend Speakers. Bottom speaker is straight & top is slant. Similar to the ADA Split Stack cabs. Black carpet with no tears or scuffs. Large Corner protectors & heavy duty metal recessed handles. 8 OHMs. $250 + Ship

Some photos can be seen here: Photos

The Digitech 2112 in the photos has been sold, but I have another that I might sell shortly.