Hey i have been playing bass for a few years now and recently i've seen a few bassists in bands strumming a bass guitar and i was wondering how you do this and what it's all about! Does anyone out there have a clue about what this is? Please help me out if you have anything! Thanks!
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bass chords can be done by strumming, but I wouldn't recommend it...

Maybe they're just using a pick in an aggressive manner?
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bass chords can be done by strumming, but I wouldn't recommend it...

Maybe they're just using a pick in an aggressive manner?

Uh... bass chords can sound amazing, and you can get them in all sorts of different ways, tapping, strumming, flamenco style strumming, popping...
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chords can help you bring a different sound to the table. les claypool for one is a big user of srumming chords out on a bass. songs like Too Many Puppies and Golden Boy(my shout out to Anarkee...) have large parts where he is strumming flamenco style.
And "To Defy the laws of tradition" also has this technique.

I have been jamming with my jazz guitarist using chords lately. We're working on a few Christmas standards jazz style where I play chords and he plays the melody or head. It sounds really lovely. In many cases, I prefer the sound of chords on bass rather than guitar. If you are coming from guitar, the chord forms are rather different and you sometimes have to experiment to get the right sound, but its worth the effort.
The way I strum is with my thumb stroking the string for a softer touch; playing with the classical guitarist arpeggio style, or forming my thumb and fore finger into a pick like shape and strumming harder for a more aggressive sound.
i use a weird strum style, with my ring and middle finger hitting the strings while my index and pinkie just float, and that works good for me. chords on the bass normally include but are not limeted to power chords, root 5. a lot of songs use it, to notable example's i can think of are Schism by tool and john the fisherman by primus.
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It's a proven fact, IE, it's characteristic of the bass guitar that chords sound VERY muddy when strummed. That's why most bass technique plays notes FROM the chord, not all at once. It can be done, in a limited form, but you can't play acoustic rock songs on a bass, anything beyond 3 notes starts to sound ridiculous.
I do it all of the time..if its sounding muddy, you either need to adjust your EQ or your technique.
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I just figured out how to play Radiohead's "Lucky" playing chords on bass. Chords on bass are just lush, no question about it.
Chords on bass sound good when used appropriately, but I don't know if anyone except maybe Les Claypool could make lots of use of chording on bass in a 5 piece rock band with both guitar players distorted. I only really do double stops. Pretty much 5th chords and octaves. I tend to either pop both strings (I actually do this regularly) or go flamenco ala Les Claypool.