Okay, so I've been taking classical guitar lessons for six years now. I am essentially self taught when it comes to anything outside the classical genre. I am really into metal, but I've never really tried to play anything other then the occasional The Devil Wears Prada, Underoath, or Norma Jean.

My question is really, what would be the best approach to playing metal(BMTH, ATR, AILD, A7x, Killswitch Engage, Protest the Hero)? I know my scales backwards and forwards, harmonic, melodic etc.

Also, since I'm not really that cool at the solos, based on the bands I stated above, what would be a good song with some of these techniques and stuff be for me to learn?
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bat country its got a lot of the "metal" formula to it even though its not persay metal
Bloodmeat by Protest The Hero!!!

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Well, no offense but none of that music is really. hm metal?
Please never call Ax7 metal. That's blasphemy. :p

Try learning some more technical stuff, like spawn of possession, Necrophagist, Nile, or even the Faceless.

I think it would greatly improve your skill to get away from the core type stuff, and perhaps gain a different grasp on the genre.

Six - All That Remains
Bloodmeat - Protest The Hero
Alot Like Vegas - BMTH
Bat counrty,BATH, Aferlife - A7X
The most essential thing for a decent metal player is a relaxed, fast and accurate picking hand; rhythm technique is absolutely key to doing a good job of metal.
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Pedal notes are a good place to start. Alternate picking and diminished scales like the Phyrgian mode are good also.

Learn some songs from your favorite metal artists and try to learn how they get their sound. There are a lot of good suggestions above, but ultimately, play the songs that *you* like. It'll help you get into it more and you'll have more fun learning.
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