I currently own a Line 6 150 watt combo amp. While it worked for a while, I have recently come into posession of a Musicman Sterling , and I want an amp that will do it justice, if that makes any sense.

I plan to sell the Line 6 for $250-300, and purchase a new amp with that money, along with money from doing the occasional odd job.

What is a good combo amp in the $400 dollar range? I'm not opposed to getting a stack, either, but combos seem much cheaper.

Any help is hugely appreciated.
peavey valvekings are around there, look at peaveys and marshalls and all the good companies
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peavey valvekings are around there, look at peaveys and marshalls and all the good companies

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Ampeg have some good combos around there, i think. A GK stack would be good, or maybe some sort of Fender combo.
Duse look into ashdown It will do you well and im sure you can pick up a mag 2x10 combo for around that much were you live. Also look into Hartke i really like them not sure of the price.
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Ashdown Electric Blue

This. Or Acoustic B100 or B200.
Also around that range is the Warwick Sweet 15, which I find punches well above its price, if the tone is your cup of tea. It's quite a rounded tone.
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Ashdown Electric Blue

How loud would this be without the extension cab?
Ashdown - Acoustic NEW AND SOUND GREAT VERY INEXPENSIVE TOO - Ampeg BA Series - Fender Bassman Series - Peavey....stay away from low priced GK, Behringer alltogether, and Line6 amps

Good Luck
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I think most bassists on here can agree that Acoustic and Ashdown are the best choices for low priced amps. Warwick and Orange also make great combos. You should look into those brands