Im going to get new strings today and this will be my 3rd string change....
The first strings i got were called SIT strings which were supposed to stay in tune better than others sadly they lasted not so long...the second where ernie ball slinkys and they i thought they sounded really good for the first 1 week and then they loose that cool tone however ive had them about 2 or 3 months maybe and they are to the point where the strings make my fingers stink because they are so grimmy so questions

1. When is a good time to get good strings?
2.What kind would u suggest?( i sweat so much in my fingers somtimes that it dampens the frets)
3.Is that tone that i was talking about that ernie balls use supposed to only last a few days?

I have a lespaul and i play blues and rock if anyone needs to know for some reason
If you sweat a lot on your strings, wipe them down with a rag dampened with rubbing alcohol. The alcohol dries fast so it wont rust your strings and it removes the grime and build-up before it gets harmful.

I use Earnie Balls too. I play 2 to 3 hours a day, everyday, and I have to change them about once a week to keep that crisp sound. Otherwise, they sound dull and "vibrationy"
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I play Ernie Balls and with three rehearsals a week plus one to two shows a week, I have to change at least once a week, more if we're in the studio as we are right now. If you play maybe an hour or so every other day (give or take), you'll probably want to change once every 2-3 weeks depending on your budget and whether or not you wipe the strings down well after playing. Just an estimate, of course.
I play Ernie Ball strings on the electric and their new coated acoustics are awesome. I find that my tone stays pretty vibrant for a few weeks and then I nee to restring. On the acoustic, I bought them a month ago and they still sound great.
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If you're wiping down your strings with rubbing alcohol, make sure it doesn't get on yo fretboard. It'll dry it out.
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