what i'm going to de here is to ask all of you who've seen puggy ( on the internet or live ) to share your thoughts about them! and if you haven't heard them, visit www.puggyband.com and then tell me what you think

anyway, im a big fan and i want you all to experience the same thing as i did when i first heard them. i never want the songs to end, but when they do and the next track starts playing, you get the same feeling all over again. Amazing!

they're not like world-wide famous but they are pretty big in Belgium and other parts of europe. but i predict and hope that their break through will come soon!

so everyone! please tell me what you think!?!?
I saw them supporting Incubus and was pleasantly surprised. They all seemed liked genuinely talented lads, supporting a genuinely talented band, so it was a good gig. Good guitarist and and awesome drummer, I'd like to see them again.
i'm glad that at least one have heard of them yeah, they're all very talented. ziggys drumming and mathews vocals... DAMN, THAT'S GOOD!