To drink, that is. I'm not sure if you just go in to play pool or something.
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well, you can legally, go and buy/do w/e you want at 18, but I'd be guessing you aren't yet?
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Any age with parents, 14 to have a beer or glass of wine with a meal and parents, 18 to get served and some pubs operate an over 21s policy to beat most dumbass kids with fake ID
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There was something about it on QI. You MUST be 18 to buy and drink at the bar, but at any other area in the bar you can drink.

It's like some sort of loophole. I dunno, can;t remember. You should try it out
You can go into a pub at any age, so long as it isn't the bar area.
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I think the pub owners are just as confused about this as anybody else so i would say it depends on the landlord
In Ireland, I think there's a time limit, like under 18s allowed in until 6pm, although this is usually waived for people having dinner in the pub...
I don't know, the rules are dodgy here, and we're not in the UK...
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any age during the day(w/ adult) 14 past 9 oclock i think(w/ adult)
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a lot of pubs will let you go in and buy soft drinks from the bar when your 14 or 15, but not usually after 9pm
18 to drink, you can have a drink with a meal at 16 as long as you have someone over the legal drinking age with you.

Or something like that.
Depends on the pub, some just don't let underagers in. Some friend of mine was just drinking coke, they came over and asked for her ID and told her it's only over 18's.
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