Would anyone care to help me out a bit on a tiny portion of info you can provide me about Korina wood or your opinions of it? Is it a good wood in general? Some Cons or Pros it may have? I play every genre so I like my guitars to be versatile but I only want to know a bit more about this wood.

I've been checking out various guitars lately to see which one will be my next axe from RR3s to Ibanez RGs until I saw this one. I'm a big fan of Flying Vs, I see one and I go something close to a "ZOMG, a V!" lol but I don't get clouded by its looks, I really care about its performance and if its worth it for the money I'll end up paying for it. Anyway, if you know anything about Korina or the guitar below in the link, please do help me with some replies. Thanks UG.

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Thanks a billion. I'm going to sign in that Yamaha petition in your sig, I'm really thankful, like really.

See, I'm absolutley brilliant! It's what I do all day, play guitar and help people.

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watch this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BXpl_6cNwD0
PG demonstrates his korina wood rev ice man

PG is secks. lol

You're fine Lil Macker. I kinda hate reading but I passed like 4 times now an invitation to go out to stay home reading on many guitar stuff. Also used the guitar reading as an excuse to avoid using my money.....to buy guitar stuff, hopefully the Epi Korina V too lol, so I'm pretty addicted myself. I don't eat some days to save up the money. =< teehee!