I just purchased an Ibanez S2170SE Prestige (was delivered today and I will be posting pics when I get home from work ) and would like to buy locking tuners and strap locks for the guitar. Does anyone know which brand of each will fit the guitar well? I've run into the problem before where the strap locks I bought came with screws too large or too small, so I want ones that use a the same size screws in case I ever decide to put the originals back on (screws that are too large will make it difficult to put the originals back on because the holes will get too big and obviously screws that are too small won't work).

And I've never done locking tuners on an Ibanez, so I'm not sure who even makes them for these guitars. I have very little experience with Ibanez hardware in general, so any input would be appreciated.
im pretty sure dunlop strap locks are universal
same with locking tuners, i think schaller are a good make
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Doesn't that guitar have a ZR trem and Locking nut? Do you really need that much tuning stability, or are you just getting them for string changes?
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You don't need locking tuners. If you want speedier string changes, just put the ball end at the tuners, and cut the string at the bridge only. For straplocks, Schallers are nice, and the DiMarzio cliplock straps are pretty handy too, but be warned, the clips can scratch finishes.
Thanks for the input, guys. In response to the first statement: yes, it has the ZR bridge, and yes, I'll take as much tuning stability as I can get! Tuning those on stage in the middle of a set sucks and I play pretty hard with my current band, but the real reason I want them is because I hate wrapping strings and often need quick string changes, so I like the lockers. I put them on my Strat and got spoiled.

Does running the string backwards (ball end on the tuner) work well? Now that you mention it, I would imagine it would have the same affect as the lockers and work pretty well, as long as you don't cut too much or too little off the other end when changing them.

Have you put Schallers on an Ibanez? Are the screws the same size?
go with the Dimarzio Cliplock
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+1 on the cliplock except the only problem i have with it is that it makes the case a bit of a tight fit.

to answer your other question stringing with the ball ends at tuners works well.
The locking tuners will make absolutely no difference if you have the locking nut on. The ZR almost always stays in tune when I use it and you'd just be wasting at least 70 bucks on locking tuners.