so idk wtf happened, but my comp wont let me play music on people myspace pages, or watch youtube videos, anything of that sort. it says that i may need to update my flash junk, and i do, but it never fixes it. it also says that my java may be disabled, if it is, how do i fix it? please help
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Hi, are you on Linux or Windows?


If linux, just simply download the adobe flash installer, (in tar.gz worked best for me) Extract it and then if using firefox, open konsole and "cd" to the folder where you have the downloaded file. Then run this command:

./flashplayer-installer (or what your file is named, mine were flashplayer-installer.)

then press ENTER, choose where to put the file, (that's where you have firefox installed). So if you have it in

/home/USER/.mozilla/firefox just put it there, USER is your username,,,

Also be sure to close firefox before doing this.

To check if the installation were successful, start Firefox and write this in the URL field:


If adobe flash is listed there, then you're ready to go.


If you are using Windows, just download the latest of adobe flash, java and then simply install them both. If there are any errors during the installation google the errors and see if there are others encountering the same problems.

If you are using firefox write in the URL field:


if adobe flash is listed there, there should be no problem. If using IE7, go get firefox or Opera.

Let me hear how it goes.

/ AfoHT