Hey I was looking at a Yorkville XS800 for $600. It seems to be a solid amp, tube preamp, good tone controls, etc. However, I can't find too much info on it and theres no where i can really try on out. Does anyone have experience with yorkville? Would i be able to get a good punchy tone from it? Thanks in advance.
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I use one almost as much as I use my ashdown. They're great amps, you can get all kind of tones out of them and they're fairly cost efficient.

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Yorkville, whether their top-of-the-line or their beginner set ups, are the definition of solid. They're nothing special, the tone isn't incredible, but they will NEVER break, they're built like tanks and that's what their tone is like. It's just this average sound that will get you by with a bunch of watts. They're the backline for practically every bassist at any festival around here. Punchy shouldn't be a problem.
Ya I have a yorkville XM100. It's pretty good, but then again it's my only amp. The eq's not amazing, especially the mid control, but it's a solid amp. I have no experience with their higher end models, though. Still, punchy definitely won't be a problem.
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I have a XMC 50 and I think its great, solid, got a nice sound and a punchy tone is no problem at all. I would defenetly recommend Yorkville.