I have a Strat style Tremolo system, and the Whammy Barr Broke with the Bottom half Completely inside the guitar.

Is there any way to get that out?
Not that I'm aware of. Go buy a new one? Depending on how much you're willing to fork out and what you already have, you might get a big improvement.
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So it's broke and you can't grab the end of it with needle nose pliers?
That is unfortunate, i have absolutely no idea of how you'd remove that.
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use a drill and a really small drill bit screw in to it and make sure it doesnt go too far in and just drill it out
take the trem block out, hammer a small screw driver into the broken piece in the bridge and twist it out. hopefully youll hammer deep enough into the piece to be able to screw it out. or tack weld it if you can
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I have had the same problem for about a week and have bee wonder how to do it.

But i am not aware of how to do any of these explanations
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drill a hole into it. put some super glue onto a screw, then screw it in. after it dries unscrew the screw and the peice should come with it.(since its glued)
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