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is it the EVH 5150 or Peavey 5150?

I'm pretty sure its just one of the Peavey 5150s that said "EVH" on it.
yea the ad just said Peavy 5150 Block EVH, has the lil EVH letters on the far side of the controls panel area. And sorry, it is the head. I am not overly familiar with them, so i wouldnt be able to distinguish, why i was kinda wondering, the ad wasnt too informational, you now have basically all the info i do. Like i said, i dont know much about these amps, currently i have a vk100. Mainly what i need to know is 700 a good price for it, and if so, is it worth spending 700 on for hard rock/metal use. or i would i be better off just waiting and seeing is something else pops up in a close price range, i dont wanna spend much more then this if any.

i added the pic. if that helps.
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^It's about 100 too high.

But that may just be what it's worth in your market.
I see the better conditioned ones for that, which that one seems to be. It's an average deal by what I have seen in Chicago. But is it what you are looking for? If so, see if he will take $650? Good luck.
I wondered why the frisbee was getting bigger, then it hit me.
yea thats half the prob, i mean i thought it was a GOOD deal, so i was just gonna do it on what little experience i had, which obv is dumb, but had it been a great deal i would of. Bahh i dunno, damn me and my compulsive buying. I do however know i want somethin metal, and heavy...i realize its cleans wont be amazing, but thats not what im expecting, all around are these good amps, obv for metal and some hard rock, and worth even spending 650-700 on if i do in fact decide i want it. Or would i be better off waiting, problem is id be more apt to look for soemthing else, but dont wanna spend 1200 bux to get it.