It is discontinued but guitarcenter.com has some left, so I ordered it Friday and it showed up today! Been playing it for the past couple hours and thought I'd take a break to post up some pics for you guys. Ibanez S2170SE Prestige. Absolutely amazing finish and feel. Can't wait to crank it through my 6505+ and see how it sounds. The molded hardshell case is QUALITY, as well. I am very happy. Enjoy the pics!

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Very nice how much that cost?

dont tell me you paid extra for the case.

$1,299.99 for the guitar and they all come with that case.

And why would it matter if I did pay extra for it? This is one ridiculously nice case. I would gladly pay extra for it. The form fit seats the guitar PERFECTLY and I can tell it's gonna last and hold up well with all of the gigging I do.
i saw that at gc once. i didnt get the chance to play it, but i thought it looked very nice.

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Holy sweet candy! That guitar is a beauty!

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Sound clips? I think your tremolo looks a little high though.

I know what you're seeing, but it's actually the fine tuners. The bridge is set right but for some reason they tuned it with the fine tuners almost all the way out. I'm getting it totally setup for dropped C and 11s anyways, though, so I'll be good in a few days even if it is a little high right now.
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That looks so much nicer than the Gibson I just payed that much for...

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Looks like a nice guitar! How you finding the trem? How would you compare it to your other gear?
I'm not exactly the biggest fan of Ibanez's guitars, but I'm still jealous of yours.
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now thats a crazy finish
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Thanks, guys. The pickups sound good. Surprisingly, I like the sound of the V7 and V8 on my RG570 more (they seem to cut through more and give a little more gain), but I still love the sound of these pickups for my current band.

The trem is pretty nice but I don't have too much to compare it to except the EDGE on my RG570 and I haven't used it too much anyways on either guitar. I'm not a fan of floating bridges and will probably do my best to lock it in place somehow. I doubt I'll even ever put the bar on it.
im diggin the bridge and the paint. but im hating the price.
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I saw this thread hoping to see some artsy pics of some metal kids new schecter, but I see this.

I hate you, I really do!

Lookin' brilliant, looks even better in "person" than on the pics you get on the website!
Certainly congrats with the axe. Its the first ibi i see that i actually find good looking. Although i would not want to pay 1300 for it.
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that is the most unique finish i have ever seen. is that the grain with a transparent varnish on it or is that a painted design?
Lower that single coil!! Nice guitar Still prefer my PGM301 though :P Did you consider it?
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Is it a Jap prestige or Korean?

It's MIK.

Nice guitar. My friend has a 2170FB that I've played a couple times. The thiness feels odd to me, but they play very well.
Looking great!

The pics on the Ibanez site almost make the top look fake, or at least a bit weird, but your pics seem to capture the guitar quite nicely
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1,299 for MIK....stung like a bugger..
still looks proper nice, never liked the s series..
Thanks, guys. I'm lovin it so far.

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1,299 for MIK....stung like a bugger..
still looks proper nice, never liked the s series..

Yeah, it wasn't cheap, but I still feel it was worth every penny. I really don't care where a guitar is made as long as it plays, sounds, and looks great, and this one is all three.