I have just completed my 2nd album, 'Infinite Complacency', and now the time has come around again to try and get people to have a listen to it, which is unfortunately borderline spamming people...It really would be greatly appreciated if you could take the time to download it and have a listen though, maybe give a few thoughts or opinions...it's all free...

Andy Mitchell - Infinite Complacency

Download links to choose from:-



...and if you want more info: http://myspace.com/andymitchelluk
Thank you
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I'm downloading right now. However, I'm pretty sure this should've been in the "Promote YOUR Band" forum...regardless of whether it's solo material or not. (I could be wrong, though)
well i gotta tell you, i wasn't a big fan of the falsetto in hang me out to dry...but other than that, it was pretty good...i think play along was my favorite though
So I'm going to do a track by track review, because when someone posts an album's worth of material I feel like every song should be given special attention. Here it goes...

Break Away ~ I like the beginning. I think the whole “goodbye to the moon” thing was kinda cool. I had a hard time hearing your vocals during some parts of the song, and during the parts I could hear the vocals sounded a little off. I didn’t really like the tone in your voice, but that’s just a matter of taste. Overall, pretty good track.

Hang Me Out To Dry ~ I REALLY like this one! I agree with leonkaz0822 that the falsetto could be better, but I like the vocals for the most part. They were sad and mellow. They fit well. The tone of the acoustic was spot on and the production is excellent on this track. I loved the lyrics too. One of my favorites.

Play Along ~ I’m not a huge fan of the guitar tone in this track, but it sounds better when a lot more instruments kicked in. The vocals are along the same lines as “Break Away” but again, that’s just taste.

As You Were ~ Production wise this track is awesome. The vocals were pretty good (though they could be turned up just a hair) and the lyrics are great as well.

…Been Hiding ~ I really liked the beginning with the piano and strings. Vocally, I think you fall a little short. It seems like you were going for a sort of haunting vocal (which suits the song) but I think you should mess around with it more. Try adding more reverb or echo; possibly mess with the EQ a little. I’m not an engineering expert by any means, but maybe that might help you get to the sound your looking for.

On My Feet ~ I’m not really feeling this one. It sounds good, but it didn’t stick out in my mind as much as some of the other tracks.

Summer Rain ~ THIS IS AMAZING! I love this track so much. The sound, the vocals, the production, the lyrics are spot on in my opinion. Your voice was meant for acoustic tracks. Vocals could be turned up a little once again, but this is an awesome song. I also love the rain effect at the end.

Faith ~ Coming after “Summer Rain” this one really didn’t stand out as much to me, but it’s still a pretty good track.

Infinite Complacency ~ This was a nice outro. There’s not much to critique here but it was still cool.

Overall, this album is pretty good. There are definitely some changes that could make it even better, but it’s a nice effort. The artwork and design were also really cool and those really stood out to me. You have a nice voice but it sometimes gets buried in the production. Sometimes less is more. I hope I helped a little. I wish you all the success and luck with your album. Rock On!