It's not god awful, but you could put a LOT more creativity into it. Use Metaphors and Allegorys, they're a writers best tools (imo). You could also use a thesaurus, but I stay away from those cuz they make me feel like it's not in my own words. Keep writing, eventually you'll either get bored of bland boring stuff and force yourself to improve like that, and read LOTS, and look at cool lines writers wrote.
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My writing went from decent a couple months ago to crappy as hell today https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=960638 this is a link to my most recent work of....well not even I am going to call it art read it and give me some pointers on how to improve my skill a little bit

Whenever I get in that slump I go to dictionary.com, take the word of the day, and either use it as a metaphor and bass an entire poem/song around it. Or just use it as part of the idea for one.

Like "Halcyon", a poem i wrote when I felt completely down about my writing. It won writing of the week here.

The reason you feel bored is because you're not stretching yourself. So stretch yourself, take something you don't neccessarily want to do, or don't think you're very good at (writing wise) and do it. And don't just write poems/songs, write stories/movies/scripts/whatever. Just write, and you'll get out of it.
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