Hi, Just wanted to thank everybody in advance for any replies but I have a very newbie question. I've been playing guitar for about 7 months and would like to know how you know when to change strings, outside of them breaking of course. I'm thinking it might be time but I'm not really sure.
i change my strings when 1. they break (duh) 2. i notice dirt 3. they sounds bad 4. You can see the string starting to break
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Are they rusty? Dirty? Do they still stay in tune? Are they lifeless, like they've lost a lot of their tone?

I usually change mine every 5 or 6 months because I'm lazy and cheap. Some people prefer to change every month or couple weeks. In my opinion, seven months is a fairly long time and given that strings aren't terribly expensive I'd say go ahead and change em.
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yeah...... sad but true the answer is pretty much like any other. Budget. Obviously you would want to change strings as often as possible..... to an extent. I usually change every 2-3 weeks. Depends on how many hours you're on them. All of those "string saver" products IMO only accelerate the deterioration of the strings. As soon as it's not smooth to slide up and down I usually change.

You can't beat fresh strings and your overall tone is way better anyway..... so change em whenever you can.
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Yeah, what Jason said. Budget always seems to be a critical factor, especially amongst us poor guitarists. I personally will usually only change mine when they break, and a few times maybe when I'm feeling rich, and I try to buy a 5-pack of strings to save more money in the long run.
If you like bright change them often. If you like the played-in sound change them less often but wash and dry your hands before you play regardless and keep your guitar in it's case when not playing. Both duties will prolong string life.
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Phosphor Bronze strings last longer than regular Bronze, but Bronze are cheaper. Try looking into some inexpensive strings that you might be able to change more often. You may be able to find a set of more expensive strings you feel you don't need to change for months. It really does depend on how much you play.
But yes, sound bad = change
Dirt = try cleaning a little, see if its any better, still not good? Probably change
Break = Hmm... unless you are going without a string, replace.
Some people change theirs every few weeks, others don't change them for a few months. I would probably say assuming you play relatively regular, within every 5 months.
Speaking of el cheapo strings. Musician's Friend has Musician's Gear strings for only $2. That's probably enough reason to grab a few for backup and maybe see about changing them every few weeks or a month too.
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You can't beat fresh strings and your overall tone is way better anyway..... so change em whenever you can.

Ehh... That's more of an opinion. I hate the sound of freshly changed strings. Give them 4 or 5 days and they sound much better.

On topic, after 7 months you could probably do with a change.
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three months is the longest you should go without changing, i change mine once every 2 or 3 months because im really lazy.
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