first off I'm sorry for posting yet another one of those threads to help a bass sound. I just a good punch or enough growl out of my new bass and half stack combo. First off I just bought a fender aerodyne jazz and a gallien krueger backline 600 and a 4x12 cabinet. I have tried a lot of things to try to get that distinct sound, I've read the EQing Section in the FAQ and i usually have my settings at treble: 6 high mid: 8 low mid: 7 bass : 5 and i have my pickups usually favoring the bridge with about 70% percent and the neck at about 30 or 50%. Should i put the money in an EQ pedal and an overdrive for some punch? I'm not really sure what to do because i figured this would be my dream sound. but its kind of bland for the most part. Does anyone have any tips or anything?

one last question: what exactly does a preamp do?

thanks in advance
If you're looking for a Mark Hoppus sound (judging solely by your avatar) use a pick and just the neck pickup. If you're playing finger-style try playing right over the bridge pickup with the bridge pickup all the way up.

A preamp shapes the signal from your bass before it's amplified by the power amp.
Hmmm....You seem to do be doing it right.

What kind of strings are you using? Try playing closer to the bridge.
When i play with my fingers i play at the bridge. I use ernie ball super slinkies on that bass.

What would be a good preamp to loook into buying?
Have you tried a brand spanking new set of rotosounds or stadium elites?

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