Okay... My Ashdown Fallen Angel has one of those nice little "VU Output" meters on the front of it that comes on all Ashdown amps.

The thing is when I'm only running it into one cab the little needle goes past "100%" when I only have the volume about halfway.

Kind of a noobish question (especially since I have owned this head for almost three years and I'm just now asking) but what will happen if I keep playing once the needles is past 100%. Will it blow tubes? Ruin the transistor? Anything?
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Idk about hurting the amp but anything over 100% is mathematically impossible.

The meter goes in increments of 10% all the way to 100% and after that there is a red zone and it goes to +3.

So according to that meter it goes over 100%
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Idk about hurting the amp but anything over 100% is mathematically impossible.

Not necessarily, it just depends what you define as 100%

I seriously doubt you're hurting anything. It's probably just telling you that you've exceeded clean wattage and the power tubes are breaking up. This isn't a bad thing, in fact, most genres generally want power tube distortion.
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Does it actually have any units though. If we knew how many volts, watts, joules, henries, fleas, liverspots, etc. it shows then it would be easier to tell if there is proplem. The fact that is going in to a red zone is not a good sign, but it may give an innaccurate reading. Maybe it's just letting you know that you are reaching the point where there power tube saturation.
I know this is hard to see but here is a pic of what I'm talking about:

The numbers on the top are all negative and are 20, 10 , 7, 5, 3 and then you hit 0. Then the number on the right is a positive 3.

The numbers on the bottom are 0%, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, and 100% with 10% makers in between all of them and they are all colored black.

Now you as you can see the 100% corresponds with the "0" on the number gauge and then after that it goes into the positive area which is colored red.

Just thought a visual reference and an explanation might help out!
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