How much do you think I would be able to get for an Lp-100?
It's in the same shape, well better considering I fixed the action and and pickup height, as when I got it.
The reason I ask is because I want to upgrade to the Epi Plus Top.
im not sure but i have a epi les paul plain top (its black) and its a great guitar so dont hesitate to buy the plus top.
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I bought it for around $200.
I don't have a friend who'll buy it that I know of.
And well... I'll just have to see if another guitar doesn't catch my eye.
A music shop or a pawn shop probably wouldn't even give you 100 bucks. They may give a you a bit more if it's credit, but I wouldn't think anything over 100.
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You paid $200 for it. Do a little math. They can probably resell it for $130, and as a general rule, stuff has a 35-50% markup in the used market.
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You will most likely get $50-$80 for it.

Changing action and pickup height aren't considered improvements...
Yea you'll get around 50 bucks. I can only get 900 for my 61 Reissue SG and 1200 for my Les Paul Standard trade in. You definitely wanna put it on CL or something caus you might get 100-120, but that's at absolute most.
Just hold on to it. Your not going to get much for it. Be better to use as a mod guitar or backup.