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Anyways, I want to record my acoustic guitar, but Im still confused.
Should I buy a Dean Markley acoustic pickup, and connect it to a mixer then to the USB interface or should I buy a microphone (Shure SM-57) ?

Now I heard the mic has a more natural sound, but I don't live alone at home, I have a brother that I share the room with, I have my mother who sometimes goes in the room from time to time... And I dont want any 'external' sound to be caught in the recording. Will the SM-57 capture unwanted sounds ? Or will it only capture the guitar sound ?

This is what I do to record acoustics,

My acoustic came with a pick up so grab a pick up and put it in. Set up two different channels, your direct in and your room mic. If you record both at the same time and mix some of the bass out if you have a 58 it should sound great
Well you can DI, mic, or do both and mix.

I personally would mic an acoustic with a condenser or two. The MXL 990/991 pack work well on acoustics but they do pick up a lot of room noise...

With the SM57 you need a nice preamp to do acoustics and vocals since you will need a lot of gain on the mic and its a little harsh without a warm preamp.
Get a nice cardoid/supercardoid condenser microphone to record the acoustic, and stick that to a USB interface (if you are just using one, this can do the trick). This pattern tends to avoid picking up room signals by focusing on the guitar itself. This is almost always on the specs of the microphone under "pattern."
Pickups are also good, but they tend to have a distinctly different sound than the actual thing.
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