Ok, so my ****ing Line 6 keeps make this unbearable popping noise.

It is usually when I move my wires, than it pops, but they are perfectly still, no popping. So right now I was playing comfortably, I accidentally move my wires than the popping begins, but I ignore it. I then get up to reach for my iPod, than it pops again. I then decide to turn it off and on again, but when I do that, it makes an even louder pop. Using my awesome knowledge, I decide maybe I should blow dust out of the connection plugs on my guitar and amp; after turning it back on, there was a popping noise, but sort of continueos.

So what do I do? Do I have to buy a new amp, or hopefully just wires?
What kind of line 6 is it? spider I, II, or III?

EDIT: after carefully rereading your post and beginning to come to terms with your woefully inadequate guitar gear vocabulary, i discerned that you mean instrument cables by saying "wires". try a different cable, that is more than likely the cause.
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Is the input jack on the amp or your guitar loose?

That sounds like it could be it.
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Is the input jack on the amp or your guitar loose?

That sounds like it could be it.

No, I tightened that as well.

And to the other poster, yes I mean guitar cables. I call everything wires, excuse my dumbass vocabulary.
As much as I love to bash spiders, it's probably your cables.
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It's the cables. All cables die eventually and get screwed up like that, my cheaper ones usually don't last me but a few months before making noise but my nicer ones have lasted me a few years. Definitely look at something of higher quality. It will save you in the long run. I highly recommend Lava Cables.
Yeah, best thing to do is get some new cables (wires) first. Check again. If problem is still there then you have a loose input jack on guitar or amp.

BTW - tightening a cable that is already twisted or a jack mount that is already twisted could make things worse if you are spinning that sucker round and round to tighten.

i doubt it is your amp