i got a pc game and now when i put it in the drive it dont respond, the harddrive crashed about a year ago and im thinking the dvd drive got messed up any other reasons it would do that?
What does the hard drive crashing have to do with your CD drive?

I love it when people ask for computer help and then are ridiculously vague about their problem.
Is the CD scratched?

Honestly you have given us nothing.

No I don't think your hard drive crashing would cause your DVD/CD drive to screw up.
uhh.. what game is it... what kind of computer do you have... and more bout the problem other than crashing
the game is spore, i have a gateway its about 9 years old, everything is up to date as far as software goes, i havent installed it yet the computer tries to read it but nothing happens
If your computer is 9 years old are you sure it can handle spore?

Then again spore isn't that graphically amazing.
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Restart your computer
try other CDs/DVDs
try the disc in another computer

Repeated for obviousness.
Your hardware might be to old. I herd Gateway computer dont come with desint graphics cards.
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maybe its just old? i tried installing an old game called dungeon keeper and the disc wouldnt respond on my vista. so i just used an old laptop i had that had windows 95 on it and the disc worked fine