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Sitting under a dim, flickering headlight at 10:52 at night in an authentic green and black Mexican drug rug probably wasn’t giving him a good standing with the local police, but it is the only place he could get peace of mind and rest of body. It was the kind of place that a regular, wary person wouldn’t venture off into if he saw a figure such as Geoff, a scrawny and unkempt being as he was, staring off into the slightly clouded air in a unaware, yet keenly intent fashion. Geoff enjoyed nights like these more than anything. The pure solitude of sitting on the loading dock of some unimportant business’s building lit only by one headlight looking at another night’s half-crescent moon brewed more emotion in him than having his heart broken and put back together improperly with some sort of generic glue.
This was the sort of generic glue that a someone would buy not buy for herself, but for a friend would gladly purchase to save the extra dollar. Afterward, this so-called generic glue-buying friend would become agitated because she did not get the thank-you that she so rightfully deserved for going out of her way to help her friend out. Did she ever think that Geoff knew she had the money for the expensive brand? Did she even realize that she had some extra bills hidden in her hoody’s pocket that got washed weeks ago she could have gotten the good stuff with?

“It’s okay, babe. I can probably just buy another one on-line.” he stated with a half-smile.
“You think so?” Charlene asked in the most honest-sounding, cute voice she could muster up.
“No,” he laughed, “It is seriously alright though. I would much rather have you in a guilt-free state of heart than have my own heart. I think my grandmother would much rather have it this way as well. She was never one to get too attached to personal possessions. She was more of a people person like me.” He cracked a mischievous grin. Charlene giggled.
“Oh please, I don’t doubt she was like you, but we both know that she was probably a lot more of a people person than you. I think everyone is.”
“That’s probably a valid assumption, but you know I can’t help it. I would if I could though.”
“I know.”

Sliding a Marlboro Red out of the package and into his mouth, Geoff searched failingly for his lighter. To his left he noticed a group of younger teenage boys trying to get their dicks wet with some tight, pre-teen trim. One of them was bound to be the kind of kid that tries to impress a girl with the tried and true “I’m different, I’m a badass, I smoke and other guys don’t” technique. Wiping off the crumbs from his chicken salad sandwich and trying to cover up the smell of Captain Morgan with the rest of his Dr. Pepper, he then decided to try to get a light and possibly have some fun messing with the kids’ heads as well.
“Hey, fellas!” Geoff yelled at a moderate auditory level in his most “cool, older guy” voice. The group of guys looked at each other and with maybe a tiny trace of hesitation the alpha-teen spoke up for them.
“Yeah, dude. Whaddya need?”
“Just a light, man. I need a cigarette badly. Can ya help a brutha out?” were the words he decided would lure them over. The guys looked at each other once again with the question looming in each of their eyes. While the males were shrugging their shoulders, one female took some initiative in the form of digging through her purse.
No hesitation could be seen in her movements as she pulled out a cow-spotted, pink and black Bic. “I have one.” she said with perfect clarity other than the underlying scratchiness in her voice.
“Well bring here little Miss Underage Smoker.” Geoff said with a chuckle that became a phlegm-spewing cough.
Obviously looking to regain his manhood, the overly-developed, goateed boy taunted. “Why don’t you come here? You’re gonna make a lady come to you?”
“Does it look like I am trying to impress a young lady probably half my age while begging for a lighter in the middle of the night? I’ve had a long night, bro. If you don’t want her to bring it here then just take it from her and bring it over here yourself.”
“Alright.” he huffed in a pompous way. As he went over to her to get the lighter she had to pull it away from his aggressive, grasping hands.
“I don’t need you to take it over there. Quit being stupid.” she stated without a stutter or second thought. She then started over toward Geoff unaware or uncaring of the very real danger that could be awaiting her.
“Come on, guys.” the alpha-male said to the group. On the way over behind the girl he was seen whispering something surely threatening in one of his buddy’s ears. Her form coming into the scarce light from the side of the concrete building could now just be made out.
She had that fashion sense of a girl that knew she didn’t need to cover up with senseless, trendy rags. In fact, her clothes were so moderate that it impressed Geoff. Most girls her age were trying as hard as they possibly could to resemble *****s it seemed. This girl was not trying to resemble anything. Her short steps caused by her short legs eventually got her to Geoff’s night pad along with the group behind her.
To get a handle on the current situation Geoff took an inventory of the group. Among them was the token wannabe musician kid acting like he didn’t care about anything, the token quiet, shy, low self-esteem averagely cute girl that used her shyness as a way of being mysterious so boys would like her, the ***** of the group that wore too much make-up and sucked too much dick although none of the guys would admit that they let her, the kid who had never been out of his house that much and was just trying to fit in anyway or anywhere possible, and the alpha-male, pudgy-in-a-strong-way kid that used his early testosterone-boosted growth to dominate every aspect of every situation to hopefully hook up with the gorgeous, innocent, sweet girl who was of course the one bringing Geoff his much-needed lighter.
“Thank you very much, young lady. I owe you my life, you know that?” Geoff said in relief.
“No, how about you just give me a cigarette. I’m out.” she said with a laugh.
“I would love to, but I am telling you right now that you do not want to inhale anything that is in one of these.”
“What do you smoke?” she asked.
“Marlboro Reds..”
“Why wouldn’t she want one of those?” the alpha-male asked rashly.
“They aren’t exactly female material, my friend.” Geoff replied with a grin as he lit up his precious addictive sustenance and took a puff.
“Well, I smoke them all the time.” he boasted.
“And I’m assuming that you have a dick, right?” Geoff inquired in his most sarcastic, yet sincere tone. Everyone had a good laugh at the boys expense. Geoff looked up at the graphite-colored cloud blocking the “God’s thumbnail” as they call it in the movie Angels in the Outfield. “What’s your name, mam?”
“My name cost one cigarette, sir.” the girl said in a stern, professional voice.
“I tell you what. Take a drag on this and then you can decide if you want one.” Geoff told her in an adult voice.
The other two girls looked a little unsettled. “Don’t smoke it. What if its weed?”
“I’ll be ****ing happy if its weed!” she said while taking the ashen cigarette from Geoff’s hand seeing herself in his dilated eyes. She took a long, meaningful drag and walked up to Geoff sitting on the dock. Handing back the cigarette she blew a smoke ring directly into his face and giggled deeply. “You’re right. I couldn’t possibly handle such a manly cigarette as that.” she sarcastically remarked in a playful fashion.”
Geoff mouthed erupted into a volcanic smile. Smoke poured from such a gaping hole as hadn’t opened up in quite some time. Savoring the cigarette in his mouth even more than before, he pulled out another one and popped it into the girl’s orifice. The group seemed extremely uncomfortable in the situation. Sweat dripped down the pudgy kid’s brow and down his gorilla-like neck. The girl lit her cigarette and dropped her lighter back into her inconspicuous purse. “So, your name?”
“Sadie.” she replied half-mouthed from the cigarette. “Have a goodnight.”
Geoff laughed astonished. “You aren’t even going to ask for my name in return?”
Sadie looked at the flickering light behind him with an inquisitive look upon her countenance. She abruptly directed her brown eyes towards him and simply said “Nope.” She turned around and strolled away leaving her friends behind once again.
“Just for the record, my name is Geoff Bell. Good luck to you boys on getting your dicks wet tonight. I remember my younger years when that’s all I wanted all too clearly.” Geoff stated in a humorous, degrading way.
“Not everyone is like you, dude.” spoke the wannabe musician kid in a matter-of-fact manner.
“True. Very true. You are though.” Geoff gave him a stare that would turn away the most roided-up pro wrestler of them all. The alpha-teen had everyone turn around and start away toward Sadie. He turned back once to see Geoff staring right at him with an incredibly malicious smile. A few more paces and the group was out of the visionary range of Geoff.
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