Hey guys our band's name is Clearwater and we have 2 new songs on our myspace page that we have wrote and are expecting lots more. We are a small band from Tennessee and we hope to start playing around more. We are pretty good for our age and we have some really good lyrics...

The url is http://www.myspace.com/clearwatercztd

We are saving to buy some better recording gear that's better than the Rockband USB mic that we are using now lol. We average in age at 13.5. So check us out and leave us a replies on what you think and you can also send us a request!
awesome! not bad at all.

drums sound a tiny bit off time, but practise can fix that :P

7/10 (im gonna fly)
Eh? is that guitar at the solo ment to be out of pitch like hell?
For your age you really seem to be kind of good, but that´s not my style of music, furthermore I could never listen to your music really, because the flag of the southern states so big on myspace.......and the solo sounds as if your guitarist played it in a whole different scale
Yeah everybody is kinda into metal now and stuff like that... Anybody else want to leave some advice???
okay, individually, you guys know how to play...

constructive criticism:
your guitar is a little out of tune
i think you need to practice more as a band, you dont seem to gel together yet - as seen by going out of time etc... dont worry, this will come with time, and practice.
i think the vocals are a little weak too

but basically overall, the recording quality lets you down... (not your fault) but because of this, you probably sound not as good as you actually are...

liking ur style tho - nothing beats classic rock

EDIT: check my band... previous link is here https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=972680