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I can't believe this hasn't been done before... I searched it and nothing came up.
I figure by doing this we'll get a(nother) list of great songs to learn and play.

So, three parts to this one"
1) What's the last song you learned?
2) What song do you plan on learning next? (if you are, if not stick around and I'm sure you'll get some ideas
3) What's your favorite song to play? (When you pick up your guitar, what song can you not stop your hands from playing)

Sorry if this has been done but I didn't see any results from the search bar, so let me know if it has and I'll close it.

I should probably start it off

1) f.c.p.remix, or dani california...i can't remember. it actually might have been plug in baby
2) i don't know
3) my favourite song to play is one of my own. before i started playing my own stuff it probably would have been the needle and the damage done.
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1) In The Arms of Perdition - Despised Icon

2) Something by Born of Osiris

3) Two Inches From A Main Artery - Through The Eyes Of The Dead
Theres No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet - All Shall Perish
The song I am currently learning now is Runaway Train by Soul Asylum.

I have to decide what song to learn next.

My favorite to play right now would be the 12 bar blues....I am just beginning and I play that every time I pick up my guitar.
The last song I learned on bass was "Let Down" by Radiohead

I plan on learning "Valkyrie Missile" by Angels and Airwaves next

And my favorite song to play is "Hysteria" by Muse
1. I relearned "In Keeping Secrets of Silent Earth: 3" by Coheed and Cambria. I learned it ages ago, and couldn't remember a few riffs.

2. Not sure. I wouldn't mind learning "Your Hand in Mine" by Explosions in the Sky with two of my friends, but I have no clue in terms of a song just for me.

3. ????? I just screw around. I don't have a "stock song".
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Last song learned: Bloodmeat by Protest The Hero
Next song: Two Weeks by All That Remains
Favorite song to play: I'm not sure...I usually end up playing My Fist, Your Mouth, Her Scars by Bullet For My Valentine
1)don't know, its been a while, probably rock you like a hurricane.
2)Sharp dressed man
3)Foxey Lady
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1)"Stop" by Jane's Addiction
2)"Carousel" by Blink 182
3) At the moment, that riff from "Sleep Now in the Fire" by RATM
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1. The Day That Never Comes by Metallica
2. Suicide & Redemption by Metallica
3. Fade to Black by Metallica/Mr. Crowley by Ozzy Osbourne
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1. Hades ~ Kalmah

2. For My Father ~ Andy McKee

3. Dee ~ Randy Rhoads; Tears of the Dragon ~ Bruce Dickinson
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1. Soul to Squeeze bassline - RHCP (finally got it down)
2. Whiplash - 'Tallica
3. Don't Stop Believing - Journey or Say it ain't So - Weezer
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1.) No Pity for a Coward
2.) Don't know..I'm stuck in progression as far as learning guitar goes, and the songs I wanna learn are way ahead of my skill.
3.) Don't know..not many songs I can play :p.
1.) I think parts of something by Billy Talent. "This Suffering," or maybe "Worker Bees."
2.) Probably take another look at the solos from "Time" or "Comfortably Numb." 'Cause I've been listening to a lot of Pink Floyd recently.
3.) Muse's "Hysteria" is really, really damn fun to play.

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And my favorite song to play is "Hysteria" by Muse

This dude knows what's up too.
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Last song learned: That Was Just Your Life - Metallica

Plan on learning: Spiritual Demise - Sodom

Favorite to play: Electric Eye - Judas Priest
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1- Constant Motion, Stream of Consciousness, and Dark Eternal Night by Dream theater
2- Glass Prison by DT
3- Like Light to Flies chorus riff, or Tread the Floods by Trivium
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(1) Luno By Bloc Party

(2) Sorry Your'e Not A Winner, Enter Shikari

(3) Like Eating Glass, Bloc Party
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1. It was either the first 1/4 of Yellow Ledbetter by Pearl Jam or Legacy by Iron Maiden, can't remember which
2. Probably going to be something by The Allman Brothers Band; most likely Melissa or the rest of Blue Sky
3. I can't stop myself from playing Octopus' Garden or The Lemon Song whenever I'm not occupied with anything else. Also been playing Under The Bridge because my barre chords are weak.
1. A Local Band's song.
2. The Truth of a Liar by August Burns Red, and probably Heretics and Killers by Protest The Hero.
3. A riff I wrote, that and parts of The Truth of a Liar.
-Learning right now:
Soulshine by allman brothers

-Next song:
A fair judgment by opeth

-Favorite song to play
mmmnnh.. many ones
Most of the time i pick the guitar play some blue licks or some 7th chords with a chilli rythm
Last Song I Learnt: Inside the Fire - Disturbed

Next Song I'm Learning: The Four Horsemen - Metallica

Fav Song To Play: So Cold - Breaking Benjamin
Last song learned:cemetary gates- pantera

Plan on (trying) learning: machine gun-jimi hendrix

Favorite to play: the outro from floods-pantera
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It has been a while since I learned a new song I have mostly been writing.

1) Daughters - John Mayer... I put this off for ages

2) Stop This Train - John Mayer

3) Whole Lotta Love - Led Zeppelin
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1) The Well - Rose Funeral
2) Something else by Rose Funeral
3) Beneath Dying Skes - Through the Eyes of the Dead
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Wierd Fishes/Arpeggi - Radiohead and Everlong - Foo Fighters.

I plan on learning Cliffs of Dover by Eric Johnson and Slow Moves by Jose Gonzales.

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1) I Ain't Comin' Home-Silvertide
2) Mary Jane-Silvertide
3)Layla Unplugged-Eric Clapton
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1. A piece called "Handelion" we're playing in my orchestra. I arranged part of it for guitar.
2. Some of the other orchestra compositions.
3. "Barracuda" by Heart, and "Limelight" by Rush.
1979 - Smashing Pumpkins on guitar (I play bass)
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last song i learned was sweet child of mine - guns n roses
n i havent decided wat 2 learn next ive got a few;
sorry your not a winner - enter shikari
hand of blood - bfmv
unholy confessions - avenged sevenfold
n i reli like playin wake me up when september ends its reli easy and souns gd 2
Erm.... I suck at learning songs, I haven't got the patience. What I enjoy doing now, is attempting to rearrange non-rock songs to a more rocky version. Problem is, I have no ability to "hear" chords - I can transpose melodies, but for chords, I'm buggered. Anyway,

1) Probably Nightrain, by Guns N Roses - although I haven't got the solo yet
2) Erm, either Knockin' On Heavens Door, the Guns version or Littlest Things by Lily Allen
3) A bunch of random riffs plus whatever my homework from guitar lessons is. Bombtrack by RATM shows up often though.
1. Ramblin' Man - The Allman Bros. Band
2. ...And Justice For All - Metallica
3. Sex and Candy - Marcy Playground
1. Buddy Holly - Weezer

2. I don't really know

3. If You Have To Ask (solo) - Red Hot Chili Peppers
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Dazed and Confused - Led Zeppelin
Wiseman - Uriah Heep
Hallowed Be Thy Name - Iron Maiden
1: asche zu asche - rammstein
2: im in the process of learning "the awakening" les claypool
3: i tend to play the guitar riff to hoodoo or stockholme syndrome by muse
(bass btw)
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1) Song I've Just Learnt - Steve Vai - For The Love Of God
2) Song I'm Learning Right Now - Steve Vai - K'm - Pee - Du - Wee
3) Song I Can't Stop Playing - Steve Vai - For The Love Of God

Steve Vai is great


omg how long did it take you after the first solo?
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