I got my strat back from the shop yesterday, and they adjusted the action, intonation, etc. And he also made some adjustment on the bridge, because It apparently wasnt flush against the body. It sounds great now, and the intonation is great. A few things I notice though... I notice some fretbuzz in alot of spots, but its pretty minor (but annoying to me) and an new issue Ive had on any guitar. Why is it that I get this really weird sound when two notes bleed together? Like if I hit one note, and hit the other one above it, its like a droning sound. Is this a technique issue (such as not letting notes bleed together) or is it a pickup issue? Also, Ive also been wondering if frets take time to kinda break in, it seems that they would.
He may have done a bad job with the intonation. That's usually the cause of fret buzz.

I'd take it back and talk to him.
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The intonation? Really? If thats so, I could just do that over the weekend. I only really sent it to him for the truss rod and the bridge.
Improper intonation doesn't cause fret buzz. Fret buzz can be caused by string height being set too low, improper neck relief, uneven/shoddy fretwork, or a combination of all three. Improper intonation just causes, improper intonation.

If you took it to a professional that just had it set up, then take it back if you're not happy with it. You should always test the guitar out on the premises right when they give the guitar back to you to make sure it's up to YOUR standards. My guess is he just set the height too low for your own playing style.

I know a guy that's great when it comes to setting up guitars, however he himself plays with a very light touch, and therefore can have an extremely low string height and get very little buzz. If I were to play it though, I'll buzz all over the fretboard. Different standards for different playing styles.

Also, if it's just minor buzz that you hear when playing acoustically, but don't hear it through your amp, I probably wouldn't even bother with it, unless it's adversely affecting your playing, or just really gets on your nerves.
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