You've never known pain like this.
It cuts deeper than the razors you used to garner the sympathy of others.
Blood spills onto the pavement.
It flows not from your severed veins,
But the hearts you've torn apart
That should have never been given to you in the first place.
Your continued existence spites the very people who committed no folly
Except for loving you.
Now they've had their feelings turned against them
And every word you speak is carefully orchestrated to hurt them the way you've hurt yourself.
Now you're alone by your own choosing.
You've abandoned everyone who cared
And now you wonder where they went.
Your regret hides behind a mask of bright colors
And false illusions.
When one mask wears out and falls off,
The true extent of your self-destruction become obvious.
Finally people are seeing that you've never been anything more than a fake.

The title is the best I could come up with, I'll probably change it. Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with this as a completed piece, though these are NEVER truly finished in the sense that they can't be improved, so if you have any suggestions, post them. I'll get to critiquing some of yours tomorrow, I have to get to bed, I have class in the morning. Of course, this is C4C. Thanks in advance to those with comments.
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