so i was looking around on musicians friend. and i found this:


i checked the review section and nothing came up. so i was wondering if anybody has used this, or knows anybody who has.

i play a Schecter C1-FR which is tuned to Eb, because of one of my bands, but I'm currently working on a side project, which tunes to Drop D. i was wondering if i could just install this so i can use my schecter for both bands, without adjusting my floyd.

also, does installing this mean my floyd is blocked? and i cant trem up anymore?
With the D-Tuna, unless you want to take a massive chunk out of your guitars body, you have to block the trem. After all IT WAS DESIGNED FOR SOMEONE WITHOUT A RECESSED TREM.

edit: Shit, caps was on. Not intentional, but too lazy to change it.
it won't make it dive-only- for it to work properly, you'd have to convert/set up your trem to dive-only...
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