Ok Im really new to recording. Since I live in El Paso you either have a band or you do it yourself, and I'm a do it yourself guy. I want to know what I need in order to do at home recording. I want to record bass, piano, guitar, vocals, and drums.
I have a HP computer with alot of memory so no need to worry about technical things.
What are the basic stuff I need to record??? I dont want cheap or expensive stuff, so give me what will be easy yet good to use.
Read the stickies and see the videos at the top of the page

Video 1 is more specific to what you want to do. It goes over audio interfaces...the first item you should be looking into.

As for recording drums, if you are working with acoustic you will probably want a nice mic set with about 8 mics and that would mean you will want an 8 input interface such as the PreSonus FP10.
Both of those will cost you a lot....so you could go with software drums such as EZDrummer or something similar.
Theres info at the top of the board on that as well.
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