Hi there everybody!

I'm wondering if any UGers currently own, have previously owned or have at least played any Reverend guitars.

I'm considering one for my next guitar purchase and would like any insight or opinions if you please.

Thanks in advance.
I played a Jestream, very nice guitar, and great price.
Reverend has good guitars, the prices are awesome, and the quality is great.
guitars - ESP Eclipse-II FM, ESP LTD M-50, crapy classic guitar.
amps - Rivera Venus 3, Rocktorn Rampage 20R.
and crapy pedal of Digitech.
I've got a jetstream HB and i love it, especially the feel of the neck. I also played a roundhouse and had a hard time choosing between the two. Much better quality than a lot of guitars in that price range. The bass contour knob is cool as well.