I don't feel like spending tons of $$ on a more expensive amp, if I can get a great natural warm tone from the fender Blues Junior.

Great cleans (roughly 30-50% of my playing), great for blues which I want to learn more of, and I love the fact that its a single channel amp which means I can just buy an OD pedal and throw it in.

Although many of my idols use Marshall amps (Slash, Page, Hendrix, Angus...etc), in person I've always loved the "Fender" warm sound.

If I buy a Blues Junior, the cleans are amazing which is great...and either Ts9 or Marshall Guv'nor OD Pedal for OD.

I just want a simple set-up, low wattage...bedroom playing, pure tone amp that plays clean, blues, classic rock, and hard rock. If it can do Guns n' Roses and Stevie Ray Vaughan (wide variety of overdrive) well, then I'm sold.

Opinions plz? I could buy it 2morrow or w.e
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hey, ive got the blues junior and its got great cleans. I also have a MI Audio Crunchbox for getting those hard rock tones. The blues junior by itself can get pretty hairy but still not enough to get hard rock. If you want those kinds of tones you should probably get the guv nor.
Instead of an OD pedal, or in addition to one, you should get the EHX English Muff'n. That thing will get you all the British ahrd rock you could want. Get one of those, and a TS9 for the SRV sound.
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Is the Blues Junior NOS really worth it over the regular one?
"(Monster cable)....oh they're durable. You can
tie up people with it

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not really. but the BJ is a nice amp. If you turn down the master, crank up the channel volume, hit the fat switch and boost it with an od, you can get some rock sounds but keep in mind this is NOT aa high gain amp

and a lot of the time you'll be dependent on the pedals because when you try to od it, you'll be told to, "lower that damn amp!"

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I only need one pedal, I don't feel like spending extra on another pedal. What ONE pedal can do blues and hard rock well.

Like from Clapton/SRV to GnR n 80s metal.

Ts9 Tubescreamer? I heard they're great for boosts and for blues. But no1 said much abt actually usin them for overdrive.

Marshall Guv'nor? They have a marshally overdrive which would be good for one of my tastes...not all. I have yet to test the versatility of this amp.
"(Monster cable)....oh they're durable. You can
tie up people with it

- Slash
The last word on the previous post should be *pedal* not amp
"(Monster cable)....oh they're durable. You can
tie up people with it

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try looking at maybe a fulltone ocd or fulldrive. or maybe a lovepedal pro valve or an xotic bb preamp.
Well I do exactly what you are stating with my stock Blues Jr and a Danelectro Daddy-O. It works fine for me. Philly huh? http://philadelphia.craigslist.org/msg/857573729.html Tweed for $400. But I can get great zep out of mine with the OD. I play mostly blues and classic rock, love it for that. Get the tweed - it oozes blues amp...
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