So, I've had a a Classic 30 for roughly 8 months, and in that time it's needed to be retubed 4 times.

It's been used for gigs (maybe 10 or so) and occasionally gets played at home 2 or 3 times a week at most. The volume has never been more than about 1/2 way up on either channel.

Took it to an amp tech who checked the voltage and all that, and apparently everything is fine with the amp. They suggested to me that I was just unlucky with tubes, but that seems kind of far fetched to me.

Do these thing's just burn through tubes like crazy or what? This doesn't really seem to be a practical amp to use for gigging if I have to worry about it suddenly giving out half way through a gig (which has already happened once).
i had exactly the same amp for about a year and a half and in that time i never had to change tubes so i think its something with the amp because no amp should go through tubes like that unless you're really rough with it
yea, ive had my classic 30 for a couple years now (id like to say 4 or 5 years), and ive never had to replace the tubes. in fact, the amp has never had problems at all. is your amp being bumped around a lot, or moved soon after its been turned off? that can be bad for the tubes.
get a second opinion, somthing is wrong.
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