Back in the 70's in japan at the Fujigen factory. These guitars were made (aparently by Ibanez to avoid lawsuit after they made their own Gibson Copys)
Some of them are known as "Lawsuit" Era guitars. I guess. I currently own a 76 Mann Lespaul custom Copy. Wine red with Ibanez super-70 Antifuzz pickups that came stock in it. Its got a mohogany body with maple top, maple neck and maple fretboard. Plays like a dream. sounds amazing and is sooo sooo soooo nice on the fingers compared to rosewood. So this thread is pretty much to see who out there uses Mann guitars. Not the cheap knock off ones with stamped gold writing. The real Mann's had their name on the headstock in Mother of Pearl inlay.
Weird, I have a cheapy Mann Jazz bass, about 1978 when I got it. Still works, just need a new machine head. Huge thing, never could play it, but wasn't too bad for the price.
My mom has an accoustic from them. I guess it's kinda mine because she never uses it. I want to replace the tuners one day or another. I think the truss rod might need a bit of adjusting. It can play really well some times, and some times it's shit.

It's an AJ-310 BTW.
Hi, i search some infos on theses guitars because i have one. Buying in france in 97, she have now betwen 30/35 years and she are always pretty beautifull.

A friend found the Ibanez have same model numbers for different brand... Mine was a "2372 les Paul Pro", copy of a gibson model from 71, made in Japan in the Ibanez factorys...