Ok, who owns a Gibson style-ish guitar and what add a bit of your own flavour? Removing the pickup can put some style into your guitar, not just cosmetically. Pickup covers give off more of a warm tone, and stop mild humming. Without them it sounds a bit more edgier, and provides more output.


1) Remove the strings.
2) Unscrew the humbucker/s that you want to remove the covers of.
3) As you pull them out, you should see on the back a bit of solder on either side of the pickup.
4) Use a soldering iron, or a jet lighter, to heat up the solder and remove it. (Although my soldering iron was inadequate and use a hacksaw blade, be very careful doing it this way, as I scratched my beautiful White LP, although it was under the pickup braces. But you shouldn't care about minor dings, people who care care too much.
5) Get a Hairdryer, and run it over the pickup until you start to see wax oozing out of the sides of the pickup.
6) Pry the Cover off of the pickup, to reveal an ugly wax ridden pickup.
7) Whip out the hairdryer again, and run it over the wax (Make sure that there is no wax dropping onto the guitar, it's a pain to get off)
8) Fix Pickups back in place, and reattach your strings.

Hopefully you have a whole new look for your guitar, it certainly made mine look different. I love it.
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It's funny, i was remembering the guy that took a hacksaw to his pickups earlier today while reading this, and then i realized it was you XD

Nice tutorial hopefully this will get some lift from other users.