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Got some stuff I don't use any more I'm trying to sell to free up funds for some pedals and crap. Located in Stoke-On-Trent, UK.

Pics of most the stuff are here..

12 Watt, All valve, hand-wired amplifier head. £150

This amp is 1 of a kind, hand built. I ended up getting in touch with the guy that built it and it is his own design based off a vintage Fender Champ but with more power. It uses 6v6 power tubes, ecc83 pre amp and 5zu4 rectifier tube. Fitted with new valves (except the rectifier which is a NOS Brimar) and serviced about a month ago, only had a few hours of playing after that. Comes with the 2 spare brand new EHX 6v6 power valves aswell, got them in a matched quad so they will drop straight in without biasing or balancing.

Squier Affinity Strat, white w/ rosewood fretboard. £50

Good setup with 10s, all in perfect working order, great base for mods, I'm just not a Strat person so I never use it so I may aswell get rid of it.

MIJ Fender Telecaster Body, Alder wood, Black finish. £20

Bought for a build I can't afford anymore. Needs a bit of a polish but apart from that it is perfect.

Sperzel USA Locking Tuners, Black, 6 in-line. Brand New. £40

Again I bought these for a Tele project that I never finished, they're brand new and come with the mounting stencil thing but no box cos I stupidy threw it away.

I also have a heap of other Telecaster parts if anyone's interested:

Graphtech String-saver Compensated Saddles.
Wilkinson Brass Compensated Saddles
Kent Armstrong Pickup set.
Aluminium, Red anodised scratch plate.

Might be interested in trades for wah pedals if anyone has anything.
Hey, Tim, haven't seen you around for a while.

If you don't sell the 12 watter, I might be interested. Shipping would probably be ridiculous, though...
what pick ups are they?
Fender Telecaster (MIM) <- the sentimental one

Fender USA strat

4 standing Oasis tickets, Cardiff 12th June - selling at face value go!
I guess there's no way to prove it's a real fender body, any idea on the wood? Of the tele btw
Is the body routed then? I might want that.
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How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
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Not really interested in the pedal dude, don't use them. Only really interested in a wah pedal.

Can I have pics of that body? I've been wanting to make a partstele (lol) for ages, but haven't had the funds. However, if I get this now, then I might just wait 'til I can afford the rest...
Quote by XxLloydxX
How young would you consider no-pedo attempt
What're the controls on the 18 watt head, any soundclips?
Fender Jaguar > effects (x9) > Orange AD5


THE EUNEIROPHRENIAC σƒ τλε τρπ βπστλεπλσσδ

Is 12w, just has a volume and tone control, 8 or 16ohm speaker output.

Don't have any soundclips sorry as I have no recording gear anymore. It's pretty Fendery but breaks up really early on the volume, about 1/4 the way around, and then gets more middy the harder you push it.
Did that guy buy the Strat for £45.00 delivered?

If not, and if you can wait until Tuesday, I'll take it 100%.
Good man. I won't muck you around either - just waiting for a chunk of cash to clear into my account so by Tuesday I'll be set.
In your original post it says the body is perfect, but in the pics it looks far from perfect, so is it just bad pictures?
You are right actually it's not as good as I thought, I didn't really look at the body before posting this thread sorry about that. Have dug it out of the shed and inspected it properly (should've done that before) and..

It has pretty bad buckle rash on the back, mostly light denting and just a couple of paint chips.

The top is decent only 1 chip on the top bout and 1 noticeable dent just above where the bridge would be.

The edges are alright but a bit knocked around in the usual places like where your arm goes over the top.

I think a bit of polishing would bring it up well, there is a lot of fingerprints and dirt marks on it in the pics. I don't think it's bad enough to need a refinish but you were right in pointing out that it isn't perfect, wasn't trying to decieve anyone.

In light of this, will do it for £15 posted if you're still interested?
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