ok i have a strat with the old trem system, when im using the whammy bar is is too tight.. is hard to use ...so I want to adjust the spring inside but I tried to loosen the screws that holds up the steel where the spring is holding on too and ive noticed the bridge is now not laying flat on the surface of the guitar..its like it tilted upwards...
but when I tighten the screws the whammy is hard to push again....
You can't have it both ways - the springs are there to balance the string tension, if you loosen them then the strings are going to pull the bridge up, there's no way around it.

If you want the whammy to be easier to move then you're either going to have to use lighter strings or detune...my advice is to learn to deal with it as is, chances are the bridge isn't supposed to be as loose as you're wanting it to be.
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