this thread will consist of a bit braging since i just got this compleated , and a few questions

So i had a few bucks to spare and bought the two remaining pedals for my effect board. when i get them, it'll consist of:

Dunlop wah
Visual Sound jeckyl & hide
korg tuner
MXR 10 band eq
MXR compressor
MXR noice gate
Electro harmonix holy grail reverb
Electro harmonix #1 echo

It'll be on a Tonetrunk 55.

So in what order should i hook these up?
and if i have to skip one, should i skip the compressor or the noice gate? (not entierly sure if i can fit all of it, but i think/hope so)
probably the noise gate, i use twice as many pedals as that sometimes and get 0 noise. As long as it is hooked up with George L cables or better and you are using a DECENT power brick, there wont be any noise. Although that dunlop wah is known for shitting allover peoples tone, but its easy to mod for true bypass. you might want to consider an independant buffer pedal to go at the end instead of the noise gate because i dont thinkn any of those pedals are true bypass at all.

EDIT: post pics when its done
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no one ever completes their pedal board you'll always want something else
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Quote by Zeds.Ded
no one ever completes their pedal board you'll always want something else

Playing on some new gear....review to follow