Hey guys my friends have started a band and covered Mr Brightside by the killers.
If you could please add them on myspace or just listen to the song and leave a comment here on wat u think that would be great.!
your help is appreciated by the band

firstly, i suggest that they edit their recording so it starts somewhere between 0 and 5 seconds because it nearly killed me.

secondly, tell the singer that if he sings more confidently it will sound better
Thanx man!
Anything else i can tell the boys!
Ps did you like it

i agree with telecaster7! you gotta edit the song so it doesen't start after 20 seconds, i turned up the volume when i didn't hear anything and then all of a sudden my ears blow off :P:

and maybe you should turn down the "space sounds" a little, because as it is now, all the other instuments drowns in it... but that is just one mans opinion

otherwise, nice work! keep up the rocking