So, my problem is: Last week I bought an Audigy SE soundcard to upgrade my motherboard Realtek soundcard. Everything sounded fine, until I wanted to use Guitar Rig 3.

When I start the program all I get is this buzzing, noisy feedback, and I don't know why. I've tried it through DirectX (in the program it's DirectSound) and ASIO too (ASIO4ALL), but it's the same noisy feedback in both cases.

I thought this must be because the Line-In jack sucked, or I don't know, but when I just want to record some guitar in Sony Vegas, then it's working.

And another note: When I was using the Realtek soundcard, Guitar Rig worked with ASIO, although I got about 8 ms latency, but it was still playable.

So now I don't have any idea what to do. It sucks, because I bought this Audigy for Guitar Rig, I thought it would have less latency, but now it doesn't even working.

Please give me some advice what to do. Thanks.
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how about contact the makers of guitar rig 3...you paid for their software which entitles you to free support.