Just looking for a beautiful acoustic song that sounds great without any vocals... I dont mind if its fingerpicked or not just as long as its not just strumming all the way through.
I was thinking of something like broken wings and loving memory by alter bridge (both have got a brilliant intro that sounds class on acoutic) or heartbeats by jose gonzalez or My friends by the chilis...hope you get the idea...

Any help would be great

Do you fingerpick? I heard the most beautiful arrangement of "It's Not Easy" by 5 for Fighting. But you can arrange any song for fingerpicking, and imo, it will be beautiful
Have you ever listened to Tommy Emmanuel he is amazing.

Check him out on YouTube. Try the song Angelina.
Joe Satriani Tears in the rain or any of his other songs, they dont even need vocals.
NSW Group FTW!

There's nothing incredibly interesting here.
Buckethead has some great acoustic songs off of the album 'Colma'. I'd suggest For Mom, or Wishing Well.
I like the "Tears in the Rain" recommendation.
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Any song by andy mckee
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