I am selling Gibson Goddess SG, it is a really nice looking, good sounding guitar, but I am just playing my RG almost exclusively, so all it does is sit in the case now. This model hasn't been made for a few years and has a significantly thinner neck than most Gibson guitars I've played.

It looks nice and comes with the original case and all of the case candy. The only problem with the guitar is a crack in the headstock. The damage is not visible (it actually is a little harder to see in person, the camera flash makes in easier to see). The crack was well repaired before I even bought the guitar and there are no issues from it. The guitar sounds good and looks quite nice (the crack is on the back of the headstock and a little on the side, both hard to see without looking right at it).

If you have any questions, feel free.

Selling for $650+shipping (one just sold on Ebay for a little under $950, so lowering the price from that)

I'm also interested
don't know how soon i can get hte money though....
if its still available by october 10th ill snatch it up definitely, but i doubt this ill stick around that long
2 questions:

1- is the headstock broken and reglued or is there a ding?
2- is the finish satin or gloss? the back looks like one of those faded deals
1) The headstock was broken and re-glued, looked like a pretty clean, small break, but the break was repaired before I got it, so I can't really say for sure.

2) It's not faded, looks like the pretty standard nitrocellulose finish Gibson does.
beautiful guitar

free bump
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I'm really surprised you haven't sold this yet, even with the break that's a killer price.

Good luck man.
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Ebay's the way to go my friend.

Thoes goddess's are stunning guitars. Stick it on ebay for $650 and I bet you it'll go for over $800.

Thats the magic of Ebay.
It has a Gibson 490R and 490T humbuckers.

I will ship to Spain, but between the increased shipping cost and customs, it will probably end up being rather expensive in all.
I've PM'd you on a couple sites. If you haven't sold this, I'll take it off your hands. I'll PM you my email address
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