Ok, so I ordered a Crate v-18 212 last Friday from Musician's Friend. There was no indication that it was backordered until around Tuesday, but this was only when I went on their website and just looked at the amp's page. With the order, I ordered some other stuff and that came to me this past Wed. When I did not recieve the amp, I called them up, and they asssured me that it was not backordered, and that it would ship from their warehouse Thursday or Friday (yesterday or today). Well this morning, I received another e-mail stating that it was, infact, on backorder.

I need an amp before October whenever it comes off backorder.

I play rock mainly, and want to get into a little metal. It'll be mainly for bedroom practicing.

My old amp was from an Ibanez jumpstart package and it's a piece of crap...

Could anyone recomend me a good amp for about $200 USD?
a good practice/live amp is the crate gtx65. you can also you it [if you know how to unhook a certain wire] use it as a head for live use.

but it works just fine live. and its only like 150 bucks or somethin.


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