Basically, my band are looking to expand our horizons a little. We’re a funk rock band and traditionally I’ve always used a nice clean tone through one of my Fender amps and played mainly rhythm. We’re now trying to branch off and give the guitar more lead melodies - and we’ve all agreed that for those sort of tunes perhaps a bit of distortion would be cool.

As I have no experience with distortion pedals, I need the help of UG. I want something that provides a warm and smooth sort of distortion. Think sort of Satriani in something like “Always With Me, Always With You“.

I know you guys are going to say JS uses a ton of pedals and I can’t nail that sort of tone with one pedal alone, but anything close to that would be great for me.

Budget is not too important, if it’s worth the cash I’ll splash.
True Bypass would be very nice too!
Just get a plain old Boss DS or a Ibanez TubeScreamer - neither are particularly exciting but both will do.
^^ Yeah it does, wow
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Can't beat a good old Big Muff for distortion, or a DigiTech Grunge (I just know I'm gonna be flamed for this) if you can't afford a muff.
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OCD is a nice pedal (great at least for me). Wide variety of sounds. Look at the satchurator, as someone else said that is essentially the sound you're looking for. Also, if budget is not an issue, a Butler Tube Driver would be absolutely perfect:
I'm planning on picking one of those up soon aswell, just need to get some money
The OCD looks very nice and it has true-bypass which is a big + for me. But can it really provide smooth distortion? I get the feeling it might limit me too a crunchier sound like my OD808.
the muff would be terrible for you
now a vintage fx colordrive is amazing, and i think it could work